Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Aids Inc.

back up INC. describes the help related industry and self-coloured aspects of the infirmity along with whatever misconceptions about the disease itself. The primary(prenominal) dilemma of the photographic film points out how celebrities endorse any acquired immune deficiency syndrome explore and try to find a remediation for it. Celebrities are employ to grab the attention of viewers so that ofttimes than and more people can be interested in the cure for aid and donate funds for research. AIDS is modify about 250 million people all over the world. Dr. Gallo was the scout of the AIDS virus. He verbalize that there is no dead on target trend of telling where the AIDS virus came from. The interesting vary in this case was how other scientists and biologists disagreed and did not suppose that gracious immunodeficiency virus fares AIDS. This whitethorn come as a appall to viewers since we all know and cast been led to believe the human immun odeficiency virus does cause AIDS. The film notes that in bon ton for human immunodeficiency virus to be the certain virus that causes AIDS it needed to be isolated and polished separately and endpoint in producing the same virus in enjoin canvass if human immunodeficiency virus is actually the cause for AIDS. However, the HIV virus was never isolated and that free infectious HIV bodies were not order in humans.Another interesting factor out about the movie was the motif of homosexual men attracting the HIV virus, which apparently, was the root of the disease. This predilection was later disregarded since the virus has been airing to heterosexual individuals. Also, a topic that greatly caught my attention was how it was said that a psyche on average must have one 1000 sexual contact with an HIV septic individual in order to actually attract the virus. This idea proves that HIV is not sexually transmitted. The film goes on to order of battle how much go ld people have invested in AIDS and HIV rese! arch and have not yet found any form of cure or any key causes. Also, the makers concern is to prove that the disease cannoted be treated with drugs and that it is just a way to add more money into the AIDS industry. An...If you want to get a generous essay, order it on our website:

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